Celine sunglasses and eyewear at Eyeballs, Sydney

The Celine eyewear and sunglasses collection have many iconic details, the most famous is the three pin hinge detailing, and this detailing is a super minimalist feature however it gives a great impact on the collection.celine-eyewear-sydney-2celine-eyewear-sydney-1
The Celine range is predominately using classic colours, like black and dark tortoiseshell, these colours are perfect for every outfit and ensure that the
Celine glasses and sunglasses will be an investment piece. The Celine eyewear collection is created in Padua, Italy where skilled and experienced staff create the Celine eyewear range.celine-eyewear-sydney-3celine-eyewear-sydney-5
The Celine glasses and sunglasses are a popular collection and have been spotted on many celebrities, the collection takes their inspiration from vintages shape but has a modern twist, with very clean lines. Some of the collection features the Celine plaque on the side of the glasses, for a perfect finish. The whole collection have an instant design feature of Celine and will be a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.

Celine Glasses and Sunglasses at Eyeballs Sydney

Celine eyewear offers a contemporary take on timeless vintage shapes. Handcrafted in Acetate and accented with sleek meta, Celine glasses and sunglasses are bold, seductive and elegant.
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French in origin, Celine eyewear is characterised by thick, oversized acetate frames, deep colours and strong, well designed lines.
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The fashion pack's It-sunglasses and glasses, these frames bring an instant stamp of Celine's brand of polished cool to any outfit or occasion. 
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