Dita Mach Six sunglasses at Eyeballs Sydney

The Dita Mach Six sunglasses have arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear in Sydney.

The Dita Mach-series are inspired by the high-octane world of automotive racing and design of the world's most desirable cars, boats and planes.

The Dita-Mach series is realised with advanced construction methods and only the finest materials that pay tribute to the master of craftsmanship of these astounding machines.
Crafted in titanium, the Mach-Six features a forked temple hinge design with Dita's hex screws securing the temple to the frame's chassis. A sleek, dual-titanium brow bar echoes the mechanical design of the hinge while allowing multiple titanium colours to be mounted.

Drop into Eyeballs in Sydney to check these beautiful sunglasses out. They are a work of art.

Limited Edition Porsche 40Y 8478 Aviator Sunglasses Sydney

The Iconic P'8478 Aviator sunglasses: 40-Year Anniversary Limited Edition has arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear in Sydney!
Porsche 8478 Limited Sunglasses Eyeballs 4
In 1978, Porsche design made history with the P'8478, the first sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.
Porsche 8478 Limited Sunglasses Eyeballs 1
For the 40-year-anniversary, Porsche Design presents the legendary shades in a special '40Y' edition, limited to 1978 pairs and featuring an unique Matte-Black Titanium frame, with gold accents on the characteristic bridge, lens holders and nose pads.
Porsche 8478 Limited Sunglasses Eyeballs 3
The new style comes in an exclusive travel box and four additional sets of coloured lenses.
Porsche 8478 Limited Sunglasses Eyeballs 5
The frame is manufactured from high quality light-weight titanium. The lenses re made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and offer 100% UV A & B protection.
Porsche 8478 Limited Sunglasses Eyeballs 2
Drop into Eyeballs or call 93314650 to collect one of these ultimate Porsche sunglasses. Strictly limited to 1978 pairs around the globe.

2017 Dita Eyewear at Eyeballs Sydney

Dita Eyewear has released the latest eyewear collection, exploring the beauty of evolving transit technologies. Following a more directional edgy feel, these pieces are definitely ahead of the fashion curve.
Here are some of our favourite pieces that have just arrived at Eyeballs in Sydney.

The Dita
Erasure sunglass celebrates the cultural panache of midcentury design with a modern interpretation of a 1950's classic.
The Dita Eyewear Endurance 88 revisits a thrilling chapter from racing's halcyon years, with the muscular proportions of 1980s performance racing vehicles on full display in its glimmering facade.
The Dita Eyewear Silica summons the sleek minimalism of the future with a cinematic elegance in a classic shield frame, infused with the allure of science fiction.

Drop into Eyeballs Sydney and we can show you through the latest range. They're amazing.

Limited edition Dita Mach-Five 5 Sydney

Dita Eyewear has released the Limited Edition Mach-Five 5 sunglasses in 2 new special colours: Black with Matte Black and Black Palladium with Rose Gold. And they have arrived at Eyeballs in Sydney.
The Dita Mach-Five sunglass styling is based on the sleek flair on 1950's racing and sports car. The Mach-Five aviator sunglasses feature titanium temple pieces and Dita's signature eye-rims and step down bevel lenses. Most notably the titanium mesh nose-bridge is a nod to automobile grill designs.
The Dita Mach-Five lenses are both UVA and UVB blocking with a reflective coating. Besides the 2 new Limited edition colours, the Mach-Five also comes in Matte Black with Yellow Gold, as well as Gold with Blue Mirror lenses. They will certainly give your look a glamorous edge.
Drop into Eyeballs and check out the latest Limited Mach-Five release from Dita Eyewear.

Celine sunglasses and eyewear at Eyeballs, Sydney

The Celine eyewear and sunglasses collection have many iconic details, the most famous is the three pin hinge detailing, and this detailing is a super minimalist feature however it gives a great impact on the collection.celine-eyewear-sydney-2celine-eyewear-sydney-1
The Celine range is predominately using classic colours, like black and dark tortoiseshell, these colours are perfect for every outfit and ensure that the
Celine glasses and sunglasses will be an investment piece. The Celine eyewear collection is created in Padua, Italy where skilled and experienced staff create the Celine eyewear range.celine-eyewear-sydney-3celine-eyewear-sydney-5
The Celine glasses and sunglasses are a popular collection and have been spotted on many celebrities, the collection takes their inspiration from vintages shape but has a modern twist, with very clean lines. Some of the collection features the Celine plaque on the side of the glasses, for a perfect finish. The whole collection have an instant design feature of Celine and will be a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.

Barton Perreira eyewear at Eyeballs, Sydney stockist

Barton Perreira was created in 2007 by accessories designer Paty Perreira and optician Bill Barton Perreira. Her strong aesthetic prowess paired with his discerning technical knowledge came to be the force behind Barton Perreira. A unique brand of restrained glamour and meticulous design.barton-perreira-sydney-4barton-perreira-sydney-2
Barton Perreira glasses are never mass-produced, unlike most eyewear companies that use machines to pump out hundreds of thousands of identical frames. Instead, Barton Perreira’s eyewear is handmade by skilled artisans and produced in limited quantities, making each piece as exclusive and unique as the wearer. Designed in-house and built from the ground up, every frame from Barton Perreira is a work of art.barton-perreira-sydney-3barton-perreira-sydney-5
The famous faces who have worn Barton Perreira glasses include Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Gosling, David Beckham, and Giovanni Ribisi. Ribisi, who you may recognize from movies like Avatar and Saving Private Ryan, became the face of Barton Perreira for two years and went on to launch his own line of designs in collaboration with the brand. The pair of frames – aptly named ‘the Giovanni’ and ‘the Ribisi’ – feature classic round frames with a vintage flair.

Danish Lindberg glasses at Eyeballs Sydney

Danish luxe eyewear company Lindberg takes minimal, rimless and lightweight frames to a level of superior quality and design. Lindberg eyewear features no traditional screws, rivets or welds, making them stand out for their lightness, durability and comfort.lindberg-sydney-3lindberg-sydney-1
Lindberg's impeccable craftsmanship and design ethos reflects a radically different way of thinking about all the details of modern eyewear. Reflecting a connoisseur's appreciation of exception design and materials, surfaces and finishes, beyond the mainstream norm.
Each Lindberg frame is made to order, combining unique materials and production technologies that they have developed themselves, and the best of individual craftsmanship. Each frame is customised to your particular preferences, hand-finished and individually numbered.

Thom Browne collaboration with Dita Eyewear at Eyeballs, Sydney

New York designer Thom Browne has been collaborating with Dita eyewear since 2011. Creator of a uniquely American fashion aesthetic, Thom Browne is a winner of countless fashion designer honours.thom-browne-eyewear-sydney-5thom-browne-eyewear-sydney-3
Them Browne eyewear is sophisticated, yet unconventional, inspired by the eras of the 1950s to 1970s. The frames are made using only the finest Japanese acetate and titanium for their incomparable beauty, comfort and durability.
Drop into Eyeballs to check out the latest beautiful eyewear from Thom Browne. Now in Sydney!

Anne et Valentin at Eyeballs, Sydney stockist

The Anne et Valentin design philosophy today remains true to its humble beginnings. Anne et Valentin's goal is to 'create collections full of energy, vitality and freshness. Timless which without being predictable'. These beautiful frames are now at Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney.anne-et-valentin-sydney-4
Anne et Valentin frames are inspired by the designers' desire to create for others what they would wish to wear themselves.anne-et-valentin-sydney-3anne-et-valentin-sydney-5
Anne et Valentin remains handcrafted in the Jura region of France, and uses titanium produced in Japan. The French specialize in acetate, while the Japanese produce the highest quality titanium in the world. All Anne et Valentin frames are still hand-crafted and the product of a 30-step hand-cutting and finishing process. The quality of Anne et Valentin eyewear is the product of the best materials and the best processes.
Come have a look at yourselves. You will be beautifully surprised.

Dita Mach Four Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Dita stockist

Just arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear in Sydney - Dita’s latest Mach-Four Polarized sunglasses. The Dita Mach sunglass series is inspired by the love of fast cars, quick boats and sleek planes; all built with advanced construction methods and superb materials.
Dita Mach Four Eyeballs Sydney 2
Dita Mach Four Eyeballs Sydney
The Mach-Four features ultra-comfortable rubber nose-pads, and features a stunning array of gorgeous details, including titanium temples and eye-rims etched with Dita’s iconic diamond pattern.
Dita Mach Four Eyeballs Sydney 2
Dita Mach Four Eyeballs Sydney 3

Drop into Eyeballs Paddington to check out the latest sunglasses and glasses from Dita Eyewear.

Allied Metal Works Glasses and Sunglasses at Eyeballs Sydney

Allied Metal Works is the latest eyewear range by Barton Perreira. A very innovative project that stands out as the first Technical Luxury brand in eyewear. Just arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear.

Allied Metal Works Eyeballs Sydney 1
Allied Metal Works Eyeballs Sydney 2
Created in collaboration with the designer Gunnar Gunnerasson, the Glasses and Sunglasses collection is a perfect balance between luxury and innovation. These glasses are made without screw hinges, which means they're less prone to snapping or bending.
Allied Metal Works Eyeballs Sydney 3
Allied Metal Works Eyeballs Sydney 4
Allied Metal works glasses and sunglasses combine beautiful shapes and colours with technological details in each frame. Design, fashion and function all come together.
Allied Metal Works Eyeballs Sydney 5
Allied Metal Works Eyeballs Sydney 6
The combination of the steel and titanium feels incredibly comfortable and light on the face, almost like you're not wearing glasses at all. Come to Eyeballs Eyewear to check them out!

Ahlem Eyewear Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Ahlem stockist

When it comes to sunglasses, not all frames are equal - or flattering. Ahlem Manai-Platt, who worked at Acne and Miu Miu before launching her label, Ahlem, has her own totally distinctive eyewear style.
Ahlem Eyewear Sydney 4
Ahlem Eyewear Sydney 1
Ahlem frames do not jump out, nor do they yell for attention. On the contrary, these frames are full of personality but quietly sophisticated. All the eyewear are designed to fit people, and enhance one's true self without making them look as though they're trying too hard.Ahlem Eyewear Sydney 2
Drop into Eyeballs and check out Ahlem's latest sunglasses.

Celine Glasses and Sunglasses at Eyeballs Sydney

Celine eyewear offers a contemporary take on timeless vintage shapes. Handcrafted in Acetate and accented with sleek meta, Celine glasses and sunglasses are bold, seductive and elegant.
Celine Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 1
Celine Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 2
French in origin, Celine eyewear is characterised by thick, oversized acetate frames, deep colours and strong, well designed lines.
Celine Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 3
Celine Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 4
The fashion pack's It-sunglasses and glasses, these frames bring an instant stamp of Celine's brand of polished cool to any outfit or occasion. 
Celine Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 5
Celine Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 6
Come to Eyeballs Eyewear to check them out!

Dita Mach Five Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Dita stockist

Just arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear in Sydney - Dita’s latest Mach-Five. sunglasses.
Dita Mach 5 Sydney Eyeballs 4
Dita Mach 5 Sydney Eyeballs 1The extension of the 'Mach' series continues Dita' passion for the world of automotive racing and vehicle design. It draws inspiration from the design language of modern super-cars and the ultra fast speed of their competitive set.

Dita Mach 5 Sydney Eyeballs 2Dita Mach 5 Sydney Eyeballs 3

Drop into Eyeballs to check out the latest sunglasses and glasses from Dita Eyewear.

Anne et Valentin at Eyeballs Paddington, Sydney stockist

Anne et Valentin is known for their colourful, and playful glasses and sunglasses.  A French label, Anne et Valentin uses bold and vibrant colors in many flattering shapes.  They are for the person who enjoys wearing their glasses and wants an individualistic look. These beautiful frames are now at Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney.

Anne et Valentin Sydney Eyeballs 1
Anne et Valentin Sydney Eyeballs 3

As their tagline states, “Delighted to be yourself!” The collection has a large variety of plastic and metal frames for men and women…so drop into Eyeballs Sydney and let us help you find the pair that fits your personality.

Anne et Valentin Sydney Eyeballs 2
Anne et Valentin Sydney Eyeballs 6

Not only do they work overtime delivering high style, but these eyeglasses feature durable hinges, for a comfortable wear every time; optical-grade plastics for durability; and can house whatever lens you choose as appropriate for clear, crisp vision. They'd have to have all this, since they may very well become your everyday favourites. Wear after wear, they'll deliver limitless comfort and style. Drop into Eyeballs Sydney to check these beautiful frames out!

Dita Eyewear Sunglasses at Eyeballs Paddington Sydney!

Dita Eyewear’s design studio and world headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. All Dita frames are hand made in Japan and use only the highest quality materials: titanium, 18K gold, white gold and the finest Japanese zyl acetates. Dita’s quality and attention to detail to each frame is unmatched. Simply holding a pair of Dita’s may seduce you for life.dita-eyewear-sydney-3dita-eyewear-sydney-2
Their coveted vintage-inspired frames have quickly become the IT accessory for the high-powered fashion elite and celebrity A-list. Dita has built up an impressive celebrity clientele including Brad Pitt, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jessica Simpson, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Lenny Kravitz, Eva Mendez and Jamie Fox to name just a few.
The Dita brand has established itself as long lasting and committed to producing premium products. Dita chooses to be exclusive, avoiding extensive advertising campaigns, superstar endorsement deals or sales to mass merchants. Solely for those who seek the finest quality, and dare to wear them, Dita will remain a brand that is highly sought after.

Dita Eyewear and Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Dita stockist

Just arrived in Sydney - the latest Dita Glasses and Sunglass collection began with an abstract concept proposed among members of the design team: The allure of the unknown.
Dita Sydney Eyeballs 2Dita Sydney Eyeballs 4
Definitely futuristic, minimal yet supremely beautiful.
Dita Sydney Eyeballs 5Dita Sydney Eyeballs 3Dita Sydney Eyeballs 1

Projekt Produkt Sunglasses and glasses at Eyeballs Sydney

Projekt Produkt encapsulates contemporary Korean minimal styling with the latest in eyewear fashion. Their sunglasses and optical glasses are popular amongst Korean celebrities and are fast taking over the eyewear world. Now in Sydney at Eyeballs Eyewear!
Projekt Produkt Sunglasses Glasses Sydney 1
Projekt Produkt glasses and sunglasses feature iconic vintage styles re-interpreted with soft colours and chic elements to highlight individuality.
Projekt Produkt Sunglasses Glasses Sydney 2
This classic round frame comes with a linear stream-lined bridge. The subtle lines of the upper front and the thickened lower part complement the eye-catching chromatic lenses to reveal a playful attitude.
Projekt Produkt Sunglasses Glasses Sydney 3
Inspired by the timeless aviator, this unisex Projekt Produkt unisex sunglass combines an opal titanium frame and double bridges to complement a statement look.
Projekt Produkt Sunglasses Glasses Sydney 4
Other highlights are the Projekt Produt optical frames crafted with thin titanium, including the classic round frame, small square frame, and the isignator aviator with double bridge that has been sought after by the current trend.
Projekt Produkt Sunglasses Glasses Sydney 5
Drop into Eyeballs Eyewear and check out the latest collections from Projekt Produkt! They'll be sure to delight.

Projekt Produkt Sunglasses and glasses at Eyeballs Sydney

Projekt Produkt glasses and sunglasses has now arrived in Sydney! Featuring the latest in Korean eyewear fashion, it is now available to Europe and the world.Projekt Produkt Sydney 7Projekt Produkt Sydney 2
Founded in 2014 The Projekt Produkt brand releases a unique collection each year with a central thee such as modern rock chic or glam. For 2019, the concept is Funk.
Projekt Produkt Sydney 5Projekt Produkt Sydney 8
Projekt Produkt actively pursues collaborations with well-known designers. This results in unique frames combining graphic inspirations from abstract art with an elegant, subtle femininity for a winning collection of deceptively simply, contemporary pieces.
Projekt Produkt Sydney 4
Drop by Eyeballs Eyewear and check out the latest collection from the amazing Projekt Produkt!