Dita MACH THREE and Grandmaster FOUR sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Dita stockist

Just arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney - the latest Dita version of its Mach aviator frames. The MACH-THREE is squarer in shape than its tear-drop framed siblings and is just as detailed with knurled titanium detailing, titanium nosepads, and Zyl Acetate. Available in Matte Black/Gold or Navy/Gold.
Dita Mach Three Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 1
Dita Mach Three Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 2
Dita Mach Three Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 3
Also just arrived - the Dita GRANDMASTER FOUR sunglass. Another update to the classic Dita GRANDMASTER series, this a sunglass for the bold. Drop into Eyeballs Eyewear in Paddington to check these sunglasses out. You’ll be the first in Sydney to be wearing them!
Dita Grandmaster Four Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 1
Dita Grandmaster Four Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 2
Dita Grandmaster Four Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 3

Dita Eyewear and Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Dita stockist

Dita Eyewear lives in a world of nos­tal­gia where sar­to­r­ial ele­gance per­fumes the air. The girls are glam­orous, with tightly curled hair and crimson painted lips; the men are dap­per, with atten­tion paid to pocket squares and tie pins. The latest range of Dita sunglasses and glasses have arrived at Eyeballs in Paddington, with the largest range of Dita in all of Sydney.

The latest Fall 2013 campaign stars the legendary Mark Mahoney (Boston born tat­too artist) and internationally renowned burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese.
Drop in and check them out!

Dita Lancier Sunglasses at Eyeballs Eyewear, Sydney Dita stockist

Early 2010, Dita revealed to the world the Lancier collection; a selection of the highest quality sunglasses the world has ever seen. Limited to a mere 50 pairs of each design; these became the “must have” accessory for summer, with the frames gracing the faces of only a privileged few; most of whom you’ve probably seen on the pages of magazines and the silver screen.


This year Lancier is back and bigger than ever, with the range extended to contain two new frames alongside the original three in different colour and lens variations. The series retains the ethos of “Land, Sea, Air” by having three versions of each frame featuring lenses designed specifically to optimize performance in each environment. In total this means that the 2011 Lancier range encompasses fifteen individual pairs of sunglasses.


With each pair of sunglasses comes with an additional set of ear wrapping arms which can be switched out thanks to a unique quick-change temple system. Along with the extra arms a distressed leather case with suede lining and belt loops, microfibere cleaning cloth and small titanium optical screwdriver are all contained in a unique leather bound case to reassure the buyer that these sunglasses are like no other.


We urge you to come by and feel the quality and craftsmanship in these sunglasses, you wont be disappointed.