Anne et Valentin at Eyeballs Eyewear, Sydney stockist

One of our favourite collections at Eyeballs in Sydney is Anne et Valentin. The French eyewear design duo began their company thirty years ago in Toulouse. Today, they have stores in Toulouse, Paris and exclusive stockists around the world.
Instead of following the latest trends like your run-of-the-mill brands, Anne et Valentin set their own unique trends. As their designers say, their aim is 'to create glasses that look like you and which you can live with'.
If you like individuality and beautifully hand-crafted frames, you'll love Anne et Valentin. Drop into Eyeballs and fall in love with them.

Lindberg Sunglasses at Eyeballs Sydney, Lindberg stockist

The latest Lindberg Sunglass at Eyeballs in Sydney features lightness, flexibility and adjustability which are second to none.
Even the largest models have a perfect fit, and are so light you almost forget you're wearing them.

Perfect for summer - these shapes are easy to wear, and delightfully comfortably. Drop into Eyeballs to check them out.

Barton Perreira Eyeballs Eyewear, Sydney stockist

Barton Perreira glasses are never mass-produced, unlike most eyewear companies that use machines to pump out hundreds of thousands of identical frames. Instead, Barton Perreira’s eyewear is handmade by skilled artisans and produced in limited quantities, making each piece as exclusive and unique as the wearer. Barton.Perreira.Sydney.Eyeballs.1Barton.Perreira.Sydney.Eyeballs.2
Designed in-house and built from the ground up, every frame from Barton Perreira is a work of art. The famous faces who have worn Barton Perreira glasses include Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Gosling, David Beckham, and Giovanni Ribisi.
Drop into Eyeballs in Sydney and we'll show you the latest and greatest from Barton Perreira.

Alain Mikli Eyeballs Eyewear Stockist Sydney

The Alain Mikli eyewear range is both exciting and stylish. Now at Eyeballs in Sydney, each Alain Mikli frame is as unique as the person who wears it. Bold colours define both the Alain Mikli zyl acetate and metal frames.Alain Mikli Sydney 5Alain Mikli Sydney 4
Alain Mikli glasses are known for their daring combinations of metal and zyl acetate colours. It is also worth noting Alain Mikli eyewear are extremely comfortable.
Alain Mikli Sydney 2Alain Mikli Sydney 1
Each frame is constructed with a spring-hinge design to make each frame a custom fit for each wearer. Each and every Alain Mikli frame is hand-made in France.
Alain Mikli Sydney 3
Drop into authorised stockist Eyeballs in Sydney to check out the latest beautiful eyewear from Alain Mikli.

Caroline Abram at Eyeballs Sydney stockist, French eyewear

The Caroline Abram colourful range includes frames in various shapes and colours and materials, for people of all ages.
Caroline Abram Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney 12Caroline Abram Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney 4
Caroline says the women's frames are "all about femininity - they're very glamorous, even fit here are angles, everything is round, strong and sweet to suit the face of a woman which can be capricious, nice and strong".
Caroline Abram Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney 10
Caroline says here frames "help to show something inside … maybe you are too shy to show this part of your personality but you can wear a frame and show something of yourself. That's the idea of the collection".
Caroline Abram Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney 8
Caroline Abram Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney 9
Perfect for every occasion - these glasses shapes are easy to wear, and delightfully comfortably. Drop into Eyeballs to check them out.

Sabine Eyewear colourful eyewear at Eyeballs

Sabine Be's colourful French eyewear - just arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear in Sydney

Sabine Be Eyeballs 7
Turning her childhood dream into reality, the former optician who loved fun bright colours and different materials, decided to launch her own brand - Sabine Be. Each one of her frames reflect her playfulness.

Sabine Be Eyeballs 6
Fresh and unique designs, extra vibrant colours choices and dedication to focal details make the Sabine Be collection one you'll fall in love with - all handmade in France.

Sabine Be Eyeballs 4
The Sabine Be collection cater for adventurous men, woman and children. Her addictive frames are sought after by demanding faces and individual souls.

Sabine Be Eyeballs 5
Drop into Eyeballs and check out the latest and most fun eyewear we've seen in a while!

Lindberg Optical and Sunglasses in Sydney Eyeballs Eyewear

Over the years, Lindberg has become a global eyewear symbol, renowned for its combination of cutting-edge innovation and traditional Scandinavian design. These ultra-light weight are customised for every face - both in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Lindberg's design cornerstone is too 'do more with less'.

The latest Lindberg eyewear frames collection in Sydney represents a cool and chic contrast. They are ultra light-weight, extremely elegant and super technical. Even for children there is an amazing range of styles and colours. Super light yet extra strong.

These Lindberg frames have an extremely thin frame front, made of a hypoallergenic composite, and their light thin titanium temples both converge to get the greatest minimalistic design in the eyewear industry.

Drop into Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney and check out these beautiful Lindberg frames! It's the perfect combination of Danish simplicity, style and technology - all rolled into one.

Cazal 902 Targa at Eyeballs Sydney

Just arrived at Eyeballs, Cazal is a luxury eyewear brand that has blazed a trail on the high-fashion scene. The Cazal Legends 902 Targa sunless for men and women are an exceptionally stylish and characterful designer model, crafted by Cazal with superior technical precision for an end product that is exclusive and pristine.

Cazal 902 Targa sunglass Sydney 2
The Cazal 902 sunglasses hav e full rim, bowed square shape frame with cut out bridge section and slender temples that feature an engraving of the Cazal brand new. The stylish design has a natural sporty and sophisticated aesthetic attitude that will stand out and make a lasting impression, acting as a unique fashion statement accessory.

Cazal 902 Targa sunglass Sydney 1

Drop into our Sydney store and check out these amazing Cazal 902 sunglasses.

Thierry Lasry Eyewear & Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Thierry Lasry stockist

Fusing old world glamour with contemporary design, Thierry Lasry sunglasses at Eyeballs Eyewear gives us a variety of one of a kind stunning styles for 2015.  From reinterpretations of the cat-eye to a bold round shape, each delectable style is available in some of the most beautiful and unique acetates you will ever see.
Thierry Lasry Eyeballs Sydney 1
Thierry Lasry Eyeballs Sydney 3
Thierry Lasry Eyeballs Sydney 2

Drop into Eyeballs Eyewear to check out the latest Thierry Lasry sunglasses! We have the largest range in Sydney.

Mykita Mylon Pantara at Eyeballs in Paddington, Sydney Mykita stockist

The Mykita PANTARA stars in Transformers: Age of Extinction.
Mykita Pantara Eyeballs Mylon 2
The PANTARA is from the MYLON collection and is constructed of high-tech Mylon and Stainless steel.
Mykita Pantara Eyeballs Mylon 1
The Pantara has the patented screw-free hinge. It is lightweight and durable with the modern style that Mykita is known for. This is perfect for it’s new role in the Transformers movie.
Mykita Pantara Eyeballs Mylon 3
Drop into Eyeballs Eyewear to check them out!
Mykita Pantara Eyeballs Mylon 4

Chrome Hearts Eyewear and Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Chrome Hearts stockist

The latest Chrome Hearts eyewear collection has arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear in Sydney. Chrome Hearts is famous for its luxury detailing which feature fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs.
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 3
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 2
This latest Chrome Hearts eyewear collection is a status symbol for the trend-setters who want something edgy, along with the finest quality and classic luxury.
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 4
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 6
Each pair of Chrome hearts eyewear and sunglasses are meticulously crafted using exotic woods, genuine leather, precious metals and gemstones. The eyewear is hand-finished and assembled and then put through rigorous quality control inspections to ensure a flawless product. The end result is eyewear that you have to see, touch and feel to really appreciate. Drop into Eyeballs in Sydney Paddington to check them out!
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs A
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sydney Eyeballs 5

Alain Mikli and Starck Eyes in Paddington, Sydney Alain Mikli stockist

Just arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney, Philippe Starck Eyes Glasses and Alain Mikli frames. Known for creating high-end fashion glasses for more than 30 years, all frames are hand crafted and made in France. Stylish, comfortable and luxurious, Alain Mikli and Starck Eyes suits a broad range of personal styles.
Alain Mikli Starck Eyewear Eyeballs Sydney 1
Alain Mikli Starck Eyewear Eyeballs Sydney 4
A diverse array of movie stars, models, musicians and designers wear Mikli and Starck eyeglasses, including Elton John, Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman, Stephanie Seymour, Catherine Deneuve and Kanye West. Alain Mikli and Philippe Starck has it all - passion, style, comfort and quality.
Alain Mikli Starck Eyewear Eyeballs Sydney 2
Alain Mikli Starck Eyewear Eyeballs Sydney 3
Drop into Eyeballs Eyewear Paddington Sydney to check them out.

Dita MACH THREE and Grandmaster FOUR sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Dita stockist

Just arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney - the latest Dita version of its Mach aviator frames. The MACH-THREE is squarer in shape than its tear-drop framed siblings and is just as detailed with knurled titanium detailing, titanium nosepads, and Zyl Acetate. Available in Matte Black/Gold or Navy/Gold.
Dita Mach Three Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 1
Dita Mach Three Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 2
Dita Mach Three Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 3
Also just arrived - the Dita GRANDMASTER FOUR sunglass. Another update to the classic Dita GRANDMASTER series, this a sunglass for the bold. Drop into Eyeballs Eyewear in Paddington to check these sunglasses out. You’ll be the first in Sydney to be wearing them!
Dita Grandmaster Four Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 1
Dita Grandmaster Four Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 2
Dita Grandmaster Four Eyeballs Sydney Sunglass 3

Chanel Eyewear and Sunglass at Eyeballs, Sydney Chanel stockist

For 2013, Chanel has chosen Black and Gold as their annual Prestige collection. With a campaign photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, featuring rising stars Nadja Bender and Ashleigh Good, in classic black and white.
Lagerfeld has linked two of Chanel’s emblematic colours - Black and Gold - to create a range of smooth, elegant and chic glasses and sunglasses. The defining touch are the lenses that are 18K carat white or yellow gold layered. Amazing.
Like a leather jacket, LBD and the ultimate shade of red lipstick, the perfect sunglasses should be a staple in ever wardrobe.

Dita Eyewear and Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Dita stockist

Dita Eyewear lives in a world of nos­tal­gia where sar­to­r­ial ele­gance per­fumes the air. The girls are glam­orous, with tightly curled hair and crimson painted lips; the men are dap­per, with atten­tion paid to pocket squares and tie pins. The latest range of Dita sunglasses and glasses have arrived at Eyeballs in Paddington, with the largest range of Dita in all of Sydney.

The latest Fall 2013 campaign stars the legendary Mark Mahoney (Boston born tat­too artist) and internationally renowned burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese.
Drop in and check them out!

Tom Ford Eyewear and sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Tom Ford stockist

Tom Ford has released his 2013 Eyewear and sunglass campaign, which was photographed by himself in Los Angles featuring The starring models were Karlina Kate, Caune and Simon Van Meervenne. The results looks simple, sexy and chic.

The campaign includes the new trendy eyewear frames for summer 2013. Come check them out at Eyeballs in Sydney.

Barton Perreira Eyewear and Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Barton Perreira stockist

Barton Perreira eyewear is showing up on some of the most glamorous faces in Hollywood. It's no wonder tinsel town's most beautiful faces love designer Patty Perreira's luxe understated optical and sunglasses. The sophisticated frames are setting trends with their elegant luxurious silhouettes.




Mykita Designer Eyewear and Sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Mykita stockist

The Mykita spring/summer 2013 sees a continuation of the colour and design concept behind the Mykita Decades line. The “Round” credo was definitive for both the prescription spectacles and the sunglasses line of the designer Decades collection.


The classic forms, translated into Mykita’s modern stainless steel concept, are transformed into an ultra-contemporary option by the hand-painted colour combinations gold/coral red, gold/opal and silver/black.
Drop into Eyeballs to check them out.

Miu Miu Eyewear and sunglasses at Eyeballs, Sydney Miu Miu stockist

Luxury label Miu Miu gets the most gorgeous model faces and brings forth its eyewear campaign for their 2013 eyewear range. Models Bette Franke, Martha Hunt and Doutzen Kroes get their sultry on, and sizzle for the lens of the noted photographer duo of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.


MYKITA x Côte&Ciel Eyewear Pouches at Eyeballs, Sydney Mykita stockist

Berlin based premium eyewear maker MYKITA has teamed up with French accessories brand Côte&Ciel on a series of protective eyewear pouches. The pouches come in a series of two-tone colorways, perfect to hide away your sunglasses in your bags and backpacks, while keeping them protected. The integrated cleaning cloth is also a great added feature.


The pouches are available now at Eyeballs Eyewear.