Stella McCartney Eyewear and Sunglass in Sydney

Stella McCartney Eyewear is a natural extension of her ready-to-wear collections with a modern, feminine and confident aesthetic.
Stella McCartney Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   1Stella McCartney Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   3
Made with sustainable bio-based materials, both sunglasses and optical eyewear embrace the brand's sustainable philosophy. The collection is the result of extensive research into the use of raw materials from natural origins.
Stella McCartney Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   4
Stella McCartney Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   5
The new Stella McCartney eyewear collection reflects the sense of modernity and innovation that the stylist shows in her creations of desirable fashion Combining everyday functionality with a strong fashion sensibility, the eyewear collections offers felinity with a sense of modern luxury.
Stella McCartney Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   6Stella McCartney Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   2
Come check them out at Eyeballs today!

Celine Eyewear and Sunglass in Sydney

Now in Sydney, Celine eyewear and sunglasses are a continuation of their fashion house that epitomises contemporary Parisian elegance with a dash of cool.
Celine Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   2
Celine Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   3
The Celine eyewear collection has a large variety of Acetate and metal optical frames for and also the most beautiful of glamorous sunglasses.
Celine Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   1
Celine Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   4
Celine Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   6
So drop into Eyeballs in Sydney and let us show you the latest collections from Celine.

Dior Eyewear and Sunglass in Sydney

The latest 2021 Dior eyewear has arrived exclusively at Eyeballs in Sydney. A new collaboration with LVMH -Thelios have updated the collection with the designs and materials better than ever.
Dior Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 3
Dior Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 4
The new Dior sunglass and glasses collection come in cutting edge shapes that are elegant and stylish. True luxury in Sydney.
Dior Eyewear Sunglass Sydney  2
Dior Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 1
Drop into Eyeballs and check out the latest and greatest from Dior, one of the the true luxury brands of the world.
Dior Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 6Dior Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 5

Sabine Be Eyewear in Sydney

Sabine Be eyewear has quickly become one of our favourite collections at Eyeballs. Colourful, fun and playful French eyewear - there's personality in spades.

Sabine Be Eyewear Sydney 5
Sabine Be Eyewear Sydney 4

Sabine Be frames are light-weight, made with fun bright colours and different textural elements.

Sabine Be Eyewear Sydney 4
Sabine Be Eyewear 2

Fresh and unique designs, extra vibrant colours choices and dedication to focal details make the Sabine Be collection one you'll fall in love with - all handmade in France.
Sabine Be Eyewear 1
Sabine Be Eyewear Sydney 6

Drop into Eyeballs and check out the latest and most fun eyewear we've seen in a while!

Latest Lindberg Eyewear and Sunglasses at Eyeballs Sydney

Lindberg is famous for its combination of cutting-edge innovation and traditional Scandinavian design. They are ultra light-weight, extremely elegant and super technical.
Lindberg Eyewear Sunglass Sydney  6Lindberg Eyewear Sunglass Sydney  5
The latest Lindberg eyewear frames collection in Sydney represents a cool and chic contrast. Even for children there is an amazing range of styles and colours. Super light yet extra strong.
Lindberg Eyewear Sunglass Sydney  7Lindberg Eyewear Sunglass Sydney  3
Drop into Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney and check out these beautiful Lindberg frames! It's the perfect combination of Danish simplicity, style and technology - all rolled into one.
Lindberg Eyewear Sunglass Sydney  4Lindberg Eyewear Sunglass Sydney  1

Caroline Abram Eyewear at Eyeballs in Sydney

The latest range of Caroline Abrams colourful sunglasses have arrived at Eyeballs Eyewear in Sydney.
Caroline Abrams Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   1
Caroline Abrams Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   3Made from light-weight materials, and the most beautiful acetates, these can be worn as is, or made into any prescription sunglass.
Caroline Abrams Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   2Caroline Abrams Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   4
Perfect for Summer - these gorgeous sunglasses will complement any outfit. Drop into Eyeballs and check them out!
Caroline Abrams Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   6Caroline Abrams Eyewear Sunglass Sydney   5

Dita Eyewear at Eyeballs Sydney

Just arrived in Sydney - the latest Dita Glasses and Sunglass collection began with an abstract concept proposed among members of the design team: The allure of the unknown.
Dita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 6Dita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 2
Definitely futuristic, minimal yet supremely beautiful.
Dita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 4
Dita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 3Drop by Eyeballs and check out the latest collection of Dita in Sydney.
Dita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 5Dita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 1

Chrome Hearts Eyewear & Sunglasses in Sydney

From its inception as a leather motorcycle riding-gear company, Chrome Hearts as evolved into an obsession-inspiring label and a cultural phenomenon.
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 2Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 3
With high commitment to quality, every product is designed, manufactured and produced in small quantities to ensure absolute attention to detail at the factory in Hollywood, California.
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 1Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 4
Chrome Hearts incorporates sterling silver to 22K gold, into each pair of Chrome Hearts sunglasses they create. Each Chrome Hearts frame is like an individual work of art, and past designs continue to be highly sought after by collectors.
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 6Chrome Hearts Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 5

Tom Ford Eyewear Sunglass Sydney stockist

Every pair of Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses have an effortless elegance and style which represents a timeless look.
Tom Ford Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 3Tom Ford Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 5
The first true luxury sunglass brand of the 21st century.
Tom Ford Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 2Tom Ford Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 4
The Tom Ford eyewear style and finish of each frame is superb, being completed by hand in Italy.
Tom Ford Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 1Tom Ford Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 6
The latest collection Tom Ford has designed for both men and women, uses a combination of metal and acetate styles. Bold, yet elegant, they exude sophistication and a sense of luxury.

Persol Eyewear and Sunglass in Sydney

The Persol collection is an iconic collaboration of glasses and sunglasses that have been designed and handcrafted in Italy.
Persol Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 4Persol Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 1
Persol has steadily become an iconic name in the world of sunglasses with a slew of A-list celebrities ranging from Steve McQueen and Muhammad Ali to Jay Z and Ryan Gosling, securing the brand a reputation for quality and unparalleled style.
Persol Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 6Persol Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 2
Every pair of Persol glasses, with an exquisitely stylised look at the traditional methods and techniques used to create the silhouettes that have stood the test of time.
Persol Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 3Persol Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 5

Anne et Valentin Sydney stockist Eyeballs

The Anne et Valentin design philosophy today remains true to its humble beginnings. These beautiful frames are exclusively now at Eyeballs Eyewear Sydney
Anne et Valentin Sydney stockist 1Anne et Valentin Sydney stockist 2
Anne et Valentin frames are inspired by the designers' desire to create for others what they would wish to wear themselves.
Anne et Valentin Sydney stockist 5Anne et Valentin Sydney stockist 3
Anne et Valentin remains handcrafted in the Jura region of France, and uses titanium produced in Japan. The French specialize in acetate, while the Japanese produce the highest quality titanium in the world.
Anne et Valentin Sydney stockist 6Anne et Valentin Sydney stockist 4
Come have a look at yourselves. You will be beautifully surprised.

Ahlem Eyewear Eyewear Sydney Sunglasses

Ahlem Manai-Platt, who worked at Acne and Miu Miu before launching her label, Ahlem, now has her own totally distinctive eyewear style. Available in Sydney - Ahlem has become one of our absolute favourite brands.
Ahlem Eyewear Sydney 4Ahlem Eyewear Sydney 2
Ahlem frames are full of personality but quietly sophisticated. All the eyewear are designed to fit people, and enhance one's true self without making them look as though they're trying too hard.
Ahlem Eyewear Sydney 5
Ahlem Eyewear Sydney 3Drop into Eyeballs and check out Ahlem's latest sunglasses.Ahlem Eyewear Sydney 6
Ahlem Eyewear Sydney 1

Thierry Lasry Sunglasses in Sydney

The latest and more colourful Thierry Lasry sunglasses has arrived at Eyeballs in Sydney.
Thierry Lasry Sydney 4Thierry Lasry Sydney 3
The Thierry Lasry eyewear range is based on the concept of 'futuristic vintage'. Thierry gets his inspiration from vintage designs and materials but incorporate modern and avant-garde touches to them.
Thierry Lasry Sydney 1 Thierry Lasry Sydney 2
Entirely hand-made in France, Thierry Lasry sunglasses are made with the best craftsmanship techniques and traditional know-how.
Thierry Lasry Sydney 5Thierry Lasry Sydney 6
Drop into Eyeballs to check out the latest sunglasses and eyewear from Thierry Lasry.

Mykita Eyewear Sydney stockist

Mykita is a boutique eyewear brand based in Berlin. Mykita's approach to eyewear was to rethink and simply the design. Taking flat sheets of Scandinavian stainless steel, Mykita folds the metal like Japanese origami into a three dimensional shape.
Mykita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 4Mykita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 3
Mykita has many collections, producing a large variety of styles and designs to create a style for everyone.
Mykita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 1Mykita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 5
Drop into Eyeballs to check out the latest sunglasses and eyewear from Mykita.
Mykita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 6Mykita Eyewear Sunglass Sydney 2